Top 5 Reasons for Blocked Drains in Bristol Homes

Blocked drains are a pernicious problem that plague many households in Bristol and beyond. They cause unpleasant odours, potential flooding, water damage, and other severe structural issues. Hence, it’s essential to understand the root causes to prevent them from happening and to maintain a healthy home environment. Here are the top five reasons for the occurrence of blocked drains in Bristol homes.

1. Hair and Soap Scum

Undoubtedly, hair is a common cause of blocked drains in Bristol homes. When hair fibres get washed down the drain, they can bunch together and cause a blockage. These clumps usually combine with grease and other sticky substances to form larger blockages. Similarly, soap scum is another ubiquitous culprit. Traditional soap bars are generally fat-based and can leave behind sticky residue known as soap scum. Over time, this scum can coat the surface of the pipes and narrow down the drainage pathway, leading to slow or blocked drains.

2. Fat and Grease

When you pour hot or warm grease down the sink, it flows freely. However, as it cools down, it starts to solidify and can stick to the pipes’ sides. Over time, this build-up can lead to problems by creating a mass that obstructs water from flowing freely. Fat and grease are undeniably one of the primary causes of blocked drains in Bristol blocked drains bristol homes. To avoid this, it’s recommended to pour boiling water down the drain regularly or dispose of fats and grease in a rubbish bin instead.

3. Foreign Objects

Foreign objects unintentionally going down the drain also cause many blockages. This can range from small items like food waste, toiletries, paper, or children’s toys to larger objects. If they lack the necessary sizing or consistency to flow down, these objects can get stuck in the drainpipe and cause a blockage. The bathroom is particularly problematic, as people often dispose of sanitary products, wipes, and toilet roll cores down the toilet.

4. Tree Roots Intrusion

Another significant cause of blocked drains in Bristol homes is the intrusion of tree roots into the pipe system. While tree roots don’t grow into pipes because of their inherent attraction to it, they are always in search of water, especially during Bristol’s dry summer months. If even a small crack or leak occurs in your pipes, tree roots are likely to find it and gradually invade the pipe, which causes a blockage.

5. Broken Pipes

Lastly, the blocked drains may also be an outcome of broken or damaged pipes. Over time, wear and tear, rust, and in the case of PVC pipes, exposure to excessive heat, can all impact the integrity of the pipes. Broken pipes can collapse or create a misalignment that hampers the regular flow of water, resulting in a slow or blocked drain.

In conclusion, blocked drains in Bristol homes can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including hair and soap scum, fat and grease, foreign objects, tree root intrusion, and broken pipes. By understanding these, Bristolians can take preventive measures and avoid drainage disasters. However, if you are already facing a blocked drain issue, it’s better to avoid DIY drain cleaning methods and instead hire a trusted, local professional drain cleaning service to properly resolve the problem.